Terms & Conditions


All products manufactured by Seminole Pole, Incorporated, known henceforth as the Seller, shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions put forth herein. The Terms and Conditions take precedent over any and all agreements unless otherwise agreed to by both parties in writing by authorized agents of the Seller and the Buyer.




We have the capability to manufacture square-tapered concrete poles anywhere from 12′ in length all the way to 72′ in length. Give us a call or send an email so that we can get started on your next project today!


Price & Purchase Orders


The prices quoted are for the convenience of the Buyer and are subject to alteration due to mathematical and/or clerical errors. Any modifications by Buyer to product size, destination, specifications, etc. may cause a change in the quoted price. The quoted prices do not reflect any form of governmental charges payable by Seller to Federal, State, or local agencies, and any such charges will be added by Seller to the purchase price. Production begins upon the receipt of a Purchase Order by the Seller from the Buyer. A delay of up to ninety (90) days is permitted from the time of acceptance of Purchase Order by Seller until production begins. Any delay longer than ninety (90) days may result in an adjustment to the previously agreed upon price due to material cost increases. Products that remain in storage for sixty (60) days are subject to storage fees.




Upon delivery, the Buyer will be responsible for the removal of obstacles that will impede the progress of the Seller’s delivery vehicles. Obstacles include, but are not limited to, overhead lines, trash and debris, jobsite equipment, workers’ vehicles, etc. The Seller will deliver the product as near to the jobsite as possible as conditions permit. There will be a maximum unloading time of two (2) hours. Any overages will be subject to a charge of $60 per hour. The Buyer maintains sole responsibility for inspecting the products prior to removal from the delivery vehicle to ensure that there are no defects including damage during transport, warped poles, or incorrect length. If any such defects are located, the Buyer is to inform the delivery driver as to the location and severity of said defects, and the delivery driver is to make a note of the defects and to take photos if deemed appropriate. Upon signing the bill of lading, the Buyer acknowledges that the products meet the Buyer’s requirements in all ways including aesthetically and functionally.The Buyer is responsible for offloading the products at the jobsite. The Seller is not responsible in any way for damages to the product during offloading as a result of negligence on the part of the equipment operator. The Buyer is also responsible for ensuring that the products are properly and securely stored on level ground to prevent warping.


Materials & Workmanship


The Seller can only manufacture products to the specifications set forth in drawings provided by the Buyer. The Seller cannot be held responsible for improperly manufactured products due to inadequately detailed drawings. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that all drawings submitted to the Seller are correct, legible, and sufficiently detailed. From the date of delivery, the Buyer has a maximum of five (5) business days to lodge a complaint in writing concerning improperly manufactured products. The Seller shall be given full opportunity to investigate all complaints and to make corrections if deemed necessary. The Seller warrants its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for three (3) years after date of completion of Project.


Burial Depth Determination


Being that no two areas have the same soil composition, the Buyer is responsible for hiring a geotechnical engineer to determine the correct burial depth of the product and backfilling requirements. The general rule of thumb for “back of the envelope” determinations of burial depth is taken as 10% of the overall pole length plus two (2) feet. This rule of thumb will usually be used for quoting jobs where geotechnical data has yet to be gathered. The Seller will not be held responsible for poles that are not buried at the correct depth. Failure to Comply If the Buyer fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the Seller reserves the right to terminate any and all agreements with the Buyer in writing. Additionally, the Seller reserves the right to terminate, in writing, any order or agreement should the Seller deem the Buyer’s credit unsatisfactory in any way.