Publix Supermarket Project

4650 West Main Street #700 Dothan, AL. 36305

  • Year: 2010
  • Location: Dothan, AL

About this Project

In 2010, Seminole Pole undertook a significant project at a Publix supermarket located in Dothan, Alabama, highlighting their expertise in crafting concrete lighting poles. This specific project consisted of fabricating 30 robust and aesthetically pleasing concrete poles that were implemented to enhance the parking lot’s lighting. With a mounting height of 35 feet, these poles have been designed to not only provide ample illumination but also withstand the elements, ensuring long-term functionality and safety for customers and staff alike.

The success of this project demonstrates Seminole Pole’s commitment to quality and precision. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with local authorities, the company ensured that the lighting poles met all local regulations and standards. The Publix supermarket’s illuminated parking area now stands as a testament to Seminole Pole’s ability to deliver tailor-made solutions, contributing to better visibility and a more secure environment for the community.

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