Grace Christian Academy Project

751 Faceville Highway Bainbridge, GA. 39819

  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Bainbridge, GA

About this Project

In 2017, Seminole Pole embarked on an innovative and multifaceted project at the Grace Christian Academy Sports Complex in Bainbridge, Georgia. This extensive outdoor facility, encompassing both a football and a baseball field, called for a sophisticated lighting solution that would cater to the different needs of each sporting arena. Seminole Pole rose to the challenge, fabricating 13 concrete lighting poles with a mounting height of 25 feet above finished grade, designed to provide optimal illumination for general use. Additionally, 4 specially crafted poles, each towering at a height of 55 feet, were installed to ensure that the fields were adequately lit for competitive play.

The Grace Christian Academy Sports Complex project showcases Seminole Pole’s adaptability and ingenuity in developing tailored lighting solutions for diverse environments. Their collaboration with the academy has resulted in a dynamic and functional lighting arrangement that enhances both the visual appeal and the athletic experience. By carefully considering the unique demands of a multi-sport outdoor complex, Seminole Pole has created an inviting and vibrant atmosphere that fosters competition and community engagement. The success of this endeavor solidifies their reputation for excellence, affirming their ability to provide customized and efficient lighting structures that resonate with the specific needs and aspirations of each client.

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